Why does the Maker desire to use us? We are messed up, selfish, and deceitful. HE programmed our hard drives to worship HIM. HE also gave us one of the coolest abilities I can think of. The ability to think for ourselves. No pressure. Yet there is a war going on between our ears. A desire to sin. A desire to be happy. As a follower a desire to please HIM. Our desire to be happy controls our actions. Our actions either screw God or they magnify HIM. Does our mistakes and our sinful nature affect the plan of the THREE in ONE? I know I have screwed up and I know I have hid the love of Christ from others. Is or was this Gods plan? I’m not trying to start some theological or apologetic debate but I believe if we think about this then it will help us to deny sin. If we realize that we have the ability to affect eternity, surely we would strive for excellence. In my opinion, not that you should look for my opinion in forming your own thoughts, I believe JC could have sinned while HE was here on the big blue ball. That is what is so amazing about HIM! He didn’t sin!