In the homeland today. Texas feels different.

I saw a man at a Subway in Oklahoma on the way down here today. I am still looking for a exit on I35 in Oklahoma that doesn’t have a Subway. This man I saw literally spent 18 dollars and change on value meal! He only got 1 sandwich!

My daughter is ONE today. Amazing. Time isn’t moving any faster than it used to. I guess as I get older I am not waiting for anything to happen. Remember when you were younger and it seemed like you were always anticipating somthing? This little girl has brought a new world view to my attention. George Bush hasn’t even done that.

Where do we eat? Whataburger, Chicken Express, The Parkway Grill, Pioneer…I miss this part of the country. I think the state slogan should be changed from “Every things bigger in Texas” to “Everythings fried bigger in Texas”! Where’s the gravy! 

Time for some sweet iced tea.