God use me. I imagine you have doubts but I wanna be used. I am trying to reposition my thought process. I feel I have been brainwashed. Ministry is supposed to be done like this. This is how you get into ministry. I have been taught a certain groups processes. Nothing wrong with them but I now see the possibilities are endless. Ministry has taken on various forms. Unbelievable things are available for those wanting to serve. I can’t wait until I am ministering to the broken and faithful. I can’t imagine sitting around a table with a group of passionate visionaries who want nothing less than to truly communicate God’s love.

God I am here willing to do my best to reach out to the unreached. I am afraid that I should not be waiting. You are a God of action. You made and still make things happen. I will continue to thrive to be real with you. I love you and this crazy world. Help me to be less like myself and more like you.