This has been a eventful weekend.

First my family and I traveled to Texas on thursday for my grandmothers funeral. It was cool to see family members I haven’t seen in 10-15 years. I got the opportunity to speak at my grandmothers funeral. Oddly enough it was pretty cool. I now know that everyone in my family has heard the news of salvation through Christ. It is amazing how sometimes it takes death to reveal and give life. This idea was obviously presented this weekend. Our sunday service at GP was insane. I pray that the people who made a commitment to Christ will begin to follow HIM.

Real life was revealed this weekend. Nothing else matters in this life but finding true life. This life is meaningless if you are not following Christ. I am beginning to see how our Maker allows us to be used in every aspect of life. Salvation is legit and is the foundation to happiness. Thanks JC for being the man!