My whole life I have tried to be different. In every aspect of my life I have tried to stand out. From sports, clothes, love, life and anything else so I would not be a follower. If someone tells me you can’t do it that way, I try to prove them wrong. Honestly this has gone bad and got me into some trouble. Now that I am trying to be real with my creator, I try to emulate HIM and the people HE ate with. I want to be as similar to HIM as I humanly can be.

Believe me I love that the church is trying to be so different than what it used to be. I admire all of the men who have laid their lives on the line to take their churches to a higher level. I love seeing pop culture in the church and love seeing people eat it up as they apply it to their lives. What is the next step? Can we go even further? Can we push ourselves to the extreme edge and be just like the churches in the NT? How? I believe we are doing everything we can and more to keep the people coming back for more. Are we truly out there pulling people in? Is there a cycle? I believe we all have been taught that Christians act a certain way. Even those who didn’t grow up in church would say this. If we truly were out there face to face in those places were Christians didn’t go, what would the people of the church look like? Have we not been doing this due to the problems that might arise if these people entered the places where we worshiped. Last I read in Acts and Pauls letters, these problems were the reason Christ came to the big blue ball. Maybe their is a fine line between how deep we get into the “worldly places.” I would bet JC would say were not out there deep enough. We should constantly be growing in our faith so we have the ability to not fall back. We should be able to avoid temptation, right? Jesus was tempted. We know what HE did with that temptation. Can we do the same?

Maybe I am just trying to be different to draw attention to myself.

Maybe I truly want to reach every single person that JC died for!