Microsoft caught on. It is hip to have a Mac. Now, maybe, I can be uberly hip as well. You mean now I can join the ranks of the coffee purveyors, singer songwriters, green haired artist, and Terry. According to this, now I can.

I am not up to date with the lingo, linky, or feeds but I had an excuse. I wasn’t supposed to be “that” cool, now I have no choice. I am PC.

I’ll admit it, I have also tried to be cool in other aspects of my life as well. Funny enough, I have attempted to be a cool Christian. You know the type. I have tried to look cool in my pew, oh wait my church doesn’t have pews. I have tried to be as ruff around the edges as possible. I am open to different methodologies. You should see how we break bread. So, why do I do this? Why do I want people to say, “He’s a Christian but he’s cool”? Why do I desire to be accepted by everyone at the same time.

I think the situation is similar to the Mac and PC. Both systems essentially do the same thing, either in a cool or uncool manner. The cool Christian and the unCool Christian should likewise be doing the same thing. I believe what makes either cool is their ability to do a specific task. Each one can do the same task but one does that task uniquely. As we stand in the dirt, we can pursue to be viewed as cool. If you know my God, he doesn’t care how others view us. God can see through my wannabe coolness. Maybe I should quit worrying about being cool and desire to be defferent like John, aka the Thunder in the Desert.