I sat back and can admit that I don’t have something behind a door that I “DO” in secret.  If you know Jesus, he also cares about what you “Don’t Do” in secret, as a proclaimed follower.  I have a problem. 
I have a secret.  Something is missing in my life.  Something more dangerous than drugs.  Something more defiling than porn.  Something that prevents my growth.

Hi. My name is Cody and I don’t pray.  

I will pray for you. I am not afraid to pray in public. Where my secret gets derailed is that I am not addicted to prayer. I forget to seek God through conversation. I forget to pray for myself. My excuses, I have a slight case of ADD (when I attempt to pray my mind wonders off and I begin thinking about insignificant matters) and I fear God is not listening due to my faults as a human. I think with my head and not with my heart. I know the opposition reminds me of my mistakes and I rationalize that God will not hear my words. With a tear on my cheek, I have to admit that my wife has asked me to pray with her and I begin to freeze.

Those of you who pray like a warrior, I beg for help. God, forgive me and draw me in to your arms.