I have been seeking God’s placement. I desire to be exactly where God wants me. I don’t want to be somewhere only to be relocated, due to a better opportunity. Why is it that many pastors are like players in the majors, trying to get to the “Yankees”? I believe when I get God’s direction for my life, it will be an opportunity that makes me question God. I believe it will be somewhere that takes an absolute step of faith that requires me to completely let Him have the reigns. This is what I hope for. A place like Dubai.

Dubai has been labeled the Impossible City. It has been described as Las Vegas on steroids.

Sounds like an incredible opportunity for the church to establish an extension. Look at this city. Look at the population facts. Insane! Only 20% of the poplulation are local/original Dubaian’s (is that a word?). Yeah, the city has a deep Islamic heritage. Yes its hot. Yes its an extreme enviroment. Yes you have to have a fat wallet. I can’t imagine, if someone let God lead them into this city, a progressive style church plant in this area. I honestly fear this idea. You can only agree that God wants his church in this area. Maybe somone has already accepted the challenge. But with multi-millions of people and counting, I would suspect the need for more than a few churches should be on the menu.