…its been a little over a week of me digesting the process of these secrets.

where do the secrets begin? why do they happen in the first place? does everybody, i mean literally everybody, hide a secret of some fashion?

i believe we must first identify the secrets and who the secret is actually hid from. i believe there is a misconception within the average person concerning the degree level of how dirty these secrets are. in the majority of church peoples minds, a secret hid behind a door such as murder, pedophile, abortion, porn, adultery, fornication, and many others, would be labeled as very dirty. but these secrets should not be viewed with the intention of how others see them. in actuality these secrets are things we TRY to hide from God.

if we look back to the beginning of existence to see where we evolved from (yes i believe in evolution, that is evolution with a little “e”), we see that adam and eve attempted to hide their sin from God as well. how dirty was this sin? in short, God instructed the two to not eat the fruit of a specific tree. yes, they had an excuse. the serpent tempted them and persuaded them to eat a piece of fruit. could they have listened to the serpent, yet neglected his guidance? in the book of Matthew, we see Jesus was tempted multiple times by this same serpent. yes it would be easy to argue that “it’s Jesus, of course He could avoid temptation.” i believe Jesus could have sinned just as you and i do. i also believe we can avoid sin just as Jesus did. this is what makes Jesus so incredible, His avoidance of sin.

back to adam and eve. their “low level” secret would be viewed as child’s play in this era. i mean all they did was eat a piece of fruit. how many of our kids have already committed a sin on this level? this little sin caused chaos to reach up and change the history of the world. i think our issue is that we see certain sin as being ok to the majority of people. meaning, everyone else has committed these same little sins at one point, so its not that big of a deal. i believe because we have taken this thought process, assuming that these little sins will be accepted, our big and hairy secrets have become more prominent. i believe our sins build upon each other. that is because we keep little secrets hidden such as lying, cheating, stealing, and in this culture various sexual sins, we have become blindsided and the serpent sneaks up and presents “big” sins. because we have hidden all these little sins, we now are more vulnerable to do even more damage to our lives, families, and the kingdom.

i don’t want to know about certain peoples sins. why? i don’t want automatically judge people. don’t act like you don’t do this. a simple instance, someone tells you about this woman who has a hairy back. the next time you talk to this gorilla backed women, your conversation is filled with the word razor bouncing around in your mind. it happens. especially with church people. i would bet depending on what the sin involved is, that is what level of sin labeled by man, would dictate if we judge or not.

lets start cleaning our closets. not of just the dirty little secrets but even the simple secrets. we all need to do some cleaning. i believe a great challenge we could give ourselves would be to see how long we can go without sinning. first we must clean our closets. we must confess and ask for forgiveness from God and from anyone who was involved in these sins. then, and only then, could we attempt to go throughout a day without sin. Jesus brought a deep new philosophy to the table when he encountered the law abiders. murder, he brought up hate. adultery, he brought up lust. need i go on? i don’t even want to bring up our lack of being like christ at this time. i believe we can’t attempt to build the kingdom effectively, until we clean out our closets. we all have sin but we all can prevent sin!