i am preparing for a backpacking mission trip through the Copper Canyon in Mexico. We will start this adventure in the city of Creel. i am told that i should prepare as if i knew was going to be lost in the middle of nowhere. if you know me, this is right up my alley. i told my wife for my 30th birthday that i wanted to be dropped off in alaska and that i had to find my way to safety. i love being out in the wild with nothing around. nothing but the sound of Gods creation. it is the place i feel closest to God. i can hear Him clearly. i can smell Him. it is were his provisions come natural.

this trip will not be comfortable. the area we plan to share our faith is so remote that it is easily accesible only by foot or capable four wheelers. i hope i can learn enough of the Aztecan/Indian language to influence the Raramuri/Tarahumara Indians.

i hope that i get the opportunity to have some tesguino with these people. from what i have read, it seems this beer has been a pitfall for these people and hopefully having a glass without judging them will create a segue into the love of Christ.