i have been consumed lately by my ability to share my faith. maybe i should say, my ability to effectively share my faith. if you don’t know, i come from a baptist background. for two years in bible college i was an intern at a church. one of the hats i was supposed to wear was a “soul winning hat.” this required me to get up every saturday morning, drive to the church, and pick up the church van along with anyone else who wanted to tag along. more often than not, it was just me, myself, and I.

as i look back now, i utterly oppose this method of outreach. just picture a white kid rolling up to a low income apartment complex or trailer park and knocking on every door in the community at 9am on a saturday morning. i really believe non-believers have a sixth sense concerning white ford vans with church logos on them. i believe these people fear the white van.

knock, knock, knock…nothing. knock, knock, knock…what do you want. knock, knock, knock…the door opens and then slams shut.

this is how it went. one time. yes, one time i actually got to share my purpose for dragging someone to the door at this poorly executed time of the day. two years and only one conversation.

i didn’t look holy. i didn’t wear a tie, although i was required to by my superiors. i didn’t carry a bible the size of an encyclopedia. actually the bible i carried stayed in my back pocket. i think i had a cool haircut or at least a hat on my head.

i believe my intentions were good. i believe my purpose was necessary. obviously, i was not effective. i have a lot of un-churched friends. these friends know i am a follower. i have had many conversations about my faith especially during this political era. and no i didn’t vote for mccain.

my point. so what, maybe i have planted some seeds. the question is, have i allowed these seeds to grow? check out the book of romans chapter 10.

if anyone reads this, that has a stance on how to plant and harvest, i would love to hear from you. especially if you do not have baptist blood. i will follow up on this subject later.