you know, i was hoping to come up with some deep theological answer to make myself sound biblically grounded. i failed. my jesus is simple. my jesus would love brock lesnar but could take him out if needed. my jesus would have a relationship with everybody, if we as christians would just complete our life given task.

after some deep thought and actual prayer, i have come up with the following. actually, these aren’t my thoughts or principles at all.

how can someone believe if they don’t hear? we can give, support, pray, and hope all day that someone will turn and follow god. but if I don’t flat out tell my friends that jesus is waiting on them to begin a relationship, how will they ever know?

so that’s it. i have the duty of presenting christ while giving someone the opportunity to accept or reject HIM. i think my fear stems from the thought of my friends rejecting me! yes i cant wait to see heaven but i dread hearing someone (i should be honest and say multiple people) say, “why didn’t you tell me!”

we can make the ground easier to till though. that is prepare a person to accept christ. we can give, support, pray, and hope.

just a thought…what would a church look like if the body started out as a group of people from the gutter?