I finally got me a Kansas buck. I took a 20 yard shot with my bow and said, “oh crap!” No, it wasn’t another word instead of crap, ask the squirrels.

I had been praying and being as honest as I have ever been with God. During my talk with the artist of my atmosphere, I kept getting distracted with the sound of the outdoors. At that moment, I knew God was trying to teach me something. I got a slight case of ADD or maybe I am just selfish and want to be consumed with my desires at every given moment. I was honest with God about this. I didn’t hear a voice but I knew what God was trying to get through my head. I kept fighting the urge to look up and continued my conversation.

Suddenly, there was motion and sound that I just couldn’t avoid. I couldn’t help but to turn around. I saw them. Two does, a fawn, and this guy. I found myself in an unorthodox position with my bow. My hips and knees were facing east and my torso facing west. I pulled back on my bow and was stuck. I couldn’t release and attempt to get a better position without scaring off the deer.

I could see the antlers and the bucks white tail but his body was behind some grass and brush. I released my arrow and heard a sound that I will never forget. The deer ran off. I just knew my arrow was going to be stuck in a tree. I was happy though. I saw and shot at a buck. I decided I should try and find my arrow. After some searching I found it. It was missing a third of the shaft but it was bloody!

I waited for 30 minutes and went to find him. He was less than 30 yards from where he was hit. I’m not even going to try and take credit for the shot. It was textbook. I double lunged him. It was a humane shot. I don’t even think he knew he was hit. Thanks God!

After talking with a buddy of mine, he said that noise was the deers lungs being popped. The Amish are processing the meat. So, if you get hungry, I will have a freezer full of meat. I figure after all the money I have spent the last 2 years trying to get this deer, the meat will come in at $32 a pound. I will be donating half of the meat to charity. Hopefully, who ever receives some of the meat has taste buds for wild game.

Stephanie, thanks for putting up with my hobbies. Thanks for letting me do the things I love to do.