stories like this break my heart.
but they go to church!

i can empathize with these kids. scary, huh. i did my share of hell raising. i was 17 or so, and was charged with attempted manslaughter. gosh, that sounds bad. yes, i was stupid. i was with a buddy hanging out at the lake. we had swiped some beer from my friends dad and were being “cool.” some dudes show up on dirtbikes and are cruising around the area.

i remember how tuff i was at this age. i was always willing to fight. you know how dumb jockey guys are. im sure innocent eye contact was viewed as the stink eye by each party. one “bird” leads to the guys on the dirt bikes heading our direction. one of the riders comes in, hits the brakes, and slides his rear tire towards us. this action sprays us with rocks and dirt. of couse, we werent taking that crap. and a high speed chase ensues.

we get to the local sports complex. this complex host football games for all three high schools and the university. well, something was going on at the complex. the chase got really stupid as we were weaving in and out of cars and people. somehow we (in a truck) ended up perpindicular to one of the bikers. i thought it would be a good idea to throw a glass bottle at him. i hit him. he goes down gets up and rode off. guess who witnessed this. a cop. luckily he was on foot and we evaded his commands to stop.

i thought it was over and nothing would happen. a few weeks later, police are out my door. turns out, the dude on the dirt bike also has a father who is a cop. the charges were dropped after i apologized for throwing the bottle at the kid for no reason. i basically claimed stupidity.

inspite of the church we do stupid things. things that have no explanation. i knew i was guilty but didnt have the balls to pull the “i go to church card.” i knew i was wrong. i hope these kids dont have to spend a significant amount of time in jail but i do hope they get punished. they deserve what they get.

could the church have done anything better? i say no. could the parents have done anything beter? i say no.