This is my daughter Kyah. This is her favorite friend LaShawnda. Well to Kyah, she is La La. Lashawnda’s mom won a trip to the inauguration so La La is in DC. Lucky!

Kyah doesn’t know that LaShawnda is different. At least, different looking. All Kyah knows is that La La is supposed to pick her up from daycare and that they are to walk back to my wifes classroom. Today, I pray that the world looks past Mr. O’s color and supports his position. Obviously, you do not have to agree with him but at least respect him.

Racism is taught. It is the most unnatural act on earth. I was taught racial tendencies demographically, sexually, and religiously. If you study about every major war, you will find that each stemmed from racial barriers. Can those that have been taught to be racist change?

Kyah, I want to be more like you.