I am currently the president of the NRCA. I am always looking for new members. Why? Because if the NRA fails, we will have to step in and protect the 49th amendment. (The right to stop rabbits from humping.)

I told my boy Terry that I would take him hunting. You see Terry has never intentionally hunted. I volunteered to take him rabbit hunting armed only with a roman candle.

Basically, you take a roman candle with either your left or right hand, find a rabbit hole, light the business end, point, aim, and hope you don’t start a fire. The rabbits will be as chaotic as the glowing  balls. This is a very difficult sport.

I left out one detail.                                                                                                             I didn’t tell Terry that when we go on this adventure that it will be in Texas. And that we could walk up on this by accident.


At this point, you have a decision to make. Either scream like a girl and run, pass out, or pull up your boots and unload your arsenal of M-60’s and Artillery Shells.

I can’t wait until 4th of July.