Ecclesiastes 2:1-11
Again, our author actually verbalizes that he tried to find happiness.
I find that he is completely honest. I don’t believe he is bragging either when he runs through his list of possessions.
This guy physically owned every toy available to a king 2500 years ago. I can picture him sitting in a large chair becoming bored by the joker juggling loaves of bread in front of him. I see him yawning as chefs prepare new appetizers. I can hear him telling the Rapunzel look alike to stop singing.
He didn’t just own stuff. He built stuff. He was an architect, engineer, inventor, gardener, farmer, and a master to slaves. He was big pimping. Maybe even literally.
He was the greatest that had ever ruled Jerusalem. I can sense some sarcasm. I believe he knew people wanted to be him. He knew people wanted what he had but he didn’t become pious.  
It’s almost as if he knows that he is not going to gain happiness from possessions and accomplishments but he is going to try just in case. Who hasn’t done that? I have.
He makes sure that we know that he knew what he was doing. He wants people to know that he wasn’t on some sweet sixteen escapade. He had a purpose. That purpose was to prove that only through Yahweh was real happiness possible.
His status didn’t come from being a king. His hard work brought in his stuff. His hard work gained notariaty. His hard work created callouses.
As he looks at his hands and reflects on his time spent pursuing happiness, he shakes his head.
Real happiness only comes FROM the father. Real happiness cannot be created. Real happiness cannot be duplicated. As soon as our purpose for anything leaves the Creators scheme, it cannot present real happiness.
Maybe pleasure but not real happiness.