Ecclesiastes 2:12-16
After he concludes with what he has acquired and accomplished, the king begins to track his knowledge. I think this powerful man is a stand up guy. He thinks about his successor. He knows that whatever he may leave the next in line, it will not bring them happiness either.
He doesn’t say that striving for wisdom is a waste of time. So stay in school. He does compare wisdom and foolishness to light and dark. You can obviously be more productive with the lights on rather than them being off.
Regardless, the educated and the uneducated have the same destiny.
Then the king really digs in deep philosophically. He admits that he is foolish for conspiring to be wise. So what if his name is followed by PhD, MA, or BA. The reason for his wisdom has been skewed. Knowledge may have brought power and money but it never brought significance. And because he pursued wisdom for a smile, he in return became foolish. Education doesn’t define one as wise.
We all have our own niche. We all can be considered experts on specific plights. We have all had teachers/mentors. We are all foolish because we all, at some point, forget about the Wisest.
(Education will take you farther than anything, other than God)