big-blackIn the words of Big Black, “Do Work Son, Do Work.”

If you never saw Rob and Big you missed out. Big Black is hilarious. Look at this guy, how can you not smile. There is a 300lb plus dude sitting on a Ford Pinto posing. Smile. Big Black had several sayings that were outright funny. “Not on the meat son.” “Put the belly on the belly.” “Put it down.” but my favorite is “Do Work Son, Do Work.”

It would be hard to take Big seriously. But someone more famous has said these same words as well. Someone we can take seriously. Jesus was asked about the situation of a blind man. Jesus was asked, “is this man blind because he sinned or because his parents sinned?” Jesus’ response was a working mans response. He said this happened so that the Fathers work can be done.

Jesus says we have work to do but only so much time to complete it. We could argue all day about what this “work” is. But we would end up wasting some of that time that Jesus says we don’t have much of to began with. Most of our daily lives would be confined like this.

tellMost of us have our personal lives together. We would consider ourselves faithful. We would consider ourselves compassionate. That is when it comes to our personal lifestyle. The work that Jesus was doing was not so he would be known as the guy who cures blindness. He healed the blind man so the blind man could see and know Him. If we our honest, if we work at all, the work usually has selfish motives. Whether that be a tax break, promotion, something in return, or guilt we forget about God’s omniscience. He knows why we work.

The priorities that benefit us are checked. We forget about His work however. The work to make Him known. I feel I do not need to elaborate. You, I, we, and us all know we are selfish when we do not tell others about His love.

In the words of Jesus Christ, “Do Work Son, Do Work.”