Hey you Facebook addicts, check this out.

Everybody is all about being “real” these days. Keep it real. Really? I don’t use Faceook and I didn’t use Myspace. I know, I know, I am out of touch with the population. That’s why I attempt to blog. I get to call the shots on here. The majority of the people, I assume, that might stop by, know me personally. So, I have to be real.

I wish someone would do a more calculated study concerning peoples willingness to expose their Facebook page. Is the average user embarrassed by who they are? Are they afraid people will find the facts hidden within their comments false? Is it a pure attempt at gaining the most friends?

If you clicked and read the link above, you noticed the buzz about the difficulty of deleting your account. This made me think of God’s view of the world. As hard as we try we can not hide from God. We can not blend in with the rest of our network unnoticed. God sees all. Basically God is watching a rated R, or even X, lifestyle when He looks down on us. But unlike Facebook the best part about God is that he offers a quick and easy delete button.

Here is a great example of someone who was “real” and pushed the delete button. God forgives, forgets, erases your browsing history, and will even delete your cookies.