I love sushi. I love sushi so much that you might hear me say I heart sushi. If you know me, I am not metro enough to say I heart anything. I grew up in the land of longhorns and I would rather have sushi than steak. The best sushi I have had came from Coast. Coast is an extremely trendy spot. If you are ever in the Chicagoland area, make reservations, put on your best duds, and forget about the Dave Ramsey envelope system.

Sushi in itself has become a trend. Partaking at a sushi bar brings the hip level up a few notches. The few times that I have been to Coast have made me realize this is a place to be seen. You valet your car, you need reservations, and you BYOB. No Coors Light here. To fit in, you better have a fancy labeled bottle of wine.

I’m weird so I decided to compare sushi to the church. Now, you probably see the same similarities as I do. Maybe not. Church has become trendy. Church has become a place to be seen. The church is full of metros. I do NOT believe there is absolutely anything wrong with this. I believe others would disagree.

As I was looking at the reviews the customers of Coast have left, I wished that people would do the same with churches. Sure, this would increase the population of church hoppers but who cares about those people anyway. I guess Jesus does but He is better than I. Here are few comments about Coast that I bet the church, as a whole, would get as well.

4 Stars – Best Sushi in town!

5 Stars – Great f*%$ing sushi!

5 Stars – There is always a crowd swarming

2 Stars – Rather Disappointed

1 Stars – Unimpressed

3 Stars – Customer service is bringin’ em DOWN

4 Stars – nice food but a little too trendy crowd

How does your church rank? Would you accept criticism? Somebody give people the stage to rate their church! Someone create a Hot or Not for the church. The church doesn’t need this for bragging rights but for improvement. If people have the ability to anonymously rate their church, they will be truthful. The catch to the Hot or Not Church Edition, is that only the comments below 5 will be revealed.

Coast doesn’t care what it’s employees think. Coast cares about what it’s customers think. Remember, it shouldn’t matter what you think but what the unchurched thinks.