David, Peter, Abraham, Noah, and Ehud are just a few brave men spoke of in the bible. I have seen the thought of brave men portrayed through films such as Braveheart, Gladiator, Die Hard, Patriot and the like. I have heard of the stories of the courageous responders during 9/11. My father was a fire fighter who risked his life for others as an occupation.

But until now I have never personally known someone who could be labeled as brave. I know someone who is a risk taker. This person isn’t trying to become famous. This person is trying to make someone famous.

This person is my pastor. Bryson Butts is brave. Bryson Butts wants you to know and have an incredible relationship with Christ. I want to be like Jesus but I also want to be brave with my knowledge of Jesus just like Bryson Butts.

Look out ICT. Get scared satan. There is a mob of crazy God fearers, who has a brave leader, infiltrating the city of Wichita with God’s love.