The left handed, double edged dagger making, assassin.Ehud was brought before Israel as the answer to their problem. Israel was under the control of a king named Eglon. This wasn’t due to bad luck. This occurred because of their sin. Their sin against God himself actually. You know how you put other things in place of God, the whole nation had done similar by worshipping other Gods. And because God doesn’t take crap from anybody, he allowed His people to be ruled by an ungodly king.

Things were great until their leader Othniel died. Just like students when the teacher leaves the room, they decided to live by their own agendas. A substitute was put in place. You remember how bad it was when you had a mean substitute right? You probably said things like, “Mrs. Smith didn’t make us copy the dictionary.” This substitute king was Eglon. What sucked for the Israelites, was that this substitute had been in the front of the class for 18 years because their leader had died and they couldn’t handle the freedom.

Graciously, God intervenes. This is the cool part. Ehud was trained. Like Jason Bourne, Ehud was trained to kill. Ehud was Israels hope. Like me, he was a south paw. Ehud forges an 18″, double edged dagger. This dagger had a purpose. The length of the dagger had significance. Ehud was from the wrong side of the tracks as well, he was a Benjamite. After strapping the dagger to his right thigh, I picture him wrapping a red cloth around his head in Rambo like fashion. I can hear him telling his control, “It’s time.”

Ehud sends his runners to give Eglon a message inquiring him near Eglons personal idols. The secret was out. Eglon is probably contemplating suicide. He asks to be alone in the sanctuary of his palace. He was to afraid to meet at the rendezvous point. Ehud, ninja like, sneaks into the room of the king. Ehud, in his best Clint Eastwood voice says, “I have a message from God for you.”

The obese man slowly turns to look over his shoulder. Within seconds, 18 inches of sharp metal has penetrated through the fat mans bowels. The ex kings fat swallows the entire dagger.


Ehud escaped because Eglons men assumed he was on the porcelain throne. Due to the audible stomach issues and probably the smell of spilled intestines, the guards let him finish his business.

When Ehud arrives back to safety with the assurance of the kings death, he blows his trumpet relinquishing the Israel army. The army reaped vengeance on the thousands of Eglon followers.

And you thought the bible was boring. 1. Don’t do that. 2. Never take your eyes off of God. 3. Fear God’s Messenger.