I have been to a bar three times in my life. I am not talking the local sports bar or your local Applebees. I mean belly up to an actual bar. Two of those times were with pastors. The other time was at a train station in Chi town. There is a lot of noise about reaching out to those who are in bars, clubs, lounges, and so on.

I am one hundred percent confident that God supports this outreach style. Paul says the feet of those who bring the message of Christ are beautiful. So, if I am on a bar stool indulging a Shiner Bock, are my feet beautiful?

Paul precedes his feet comment with talking about the people he is attempting to reach. He says they are good people. He even says they are zealous about the law (they are Jews). I would likely say the same about my community. Overall, they are good people. They are sinners like me. They do not break the law.

No, even though I am a follower and I am in a bar having beer, my feet are not beautiful. Faith doesn’t jump off of you and onto someone else just because you are close to them. Belief in Christ doesn’t magically happen. To qualify my feet as beautiful, I have to open my mouth. Paul says faith becomes relevant when it is heard. Something must make noise before someone hears that said noise.

So go ahead, buy him that beer but tell him, “my Christ is for you.”