I was humbled by this post.


If you read the story and I hope you do, remind yourself how simple their tool boxes are. Their arsenal is a change of clothes, bible, posters, and a bottle of water. I know, I know, that approach would not be effective in the United States. Or would it? Believe me when I tell you, I am passionate about the cause of Christ. I am passionate about the local church. I want to see every church increase the kingdom of God.

I was raised within a small body of believers. My blood has the DNA of small church. Now, I am fortunate enough to participate with a larger church. It is not a mega church by any means. But it would definitely be considered above average according to attendance stats. I am not a numbers guy. I am not a pastor.

When I was a youth pastor, I would dream of being able to do ministry like other churches. Churches that had the funds and man power to be described as, “they got it going on!” Those thoughts were completely wrong. For too long we as Americans have relied on the church to serve our communities. And when that church has stopped meeting our needs, conveniently we can just drive down the street to a different church. I say this because we get wrapped up in the processes of how a church does church. Because our minds are warped, we are attracted to the “venue” style service. We need to be entertained so that we stay tuned in. I am just as guilty. And I use the word “we” lightly because not everyone falls into this category.

We have stuffed our tool boxes with so much crap that we can’t even handle the load. Hey, I couldn’t see myself worshiping God where there wasn’t an “experience.” Actually, I believe there is a need for entertainment. I think Ed Young coined the term “innertainment for the heart.” If the church doesn’t entertain the heart, soul, and mind then it loses it’s velocity. So don’t think that I am criticizing the audio visual effects in any manner.

I am criticizing those who call a church home. I am criticizing those who let the church and it’s pastors get in the trenches while watching from the safety of the sideline. I am criticizing myself. I think most look down at their tool boxes (no punn intended) and feel that they are lacking. Others have packed their tool boxes with so much junk that they have become agenda focused.

For the kingdom to grow, we can’t rely on churches. For the kingdom to succeed, we as followers must go. If we call Christ our Lord and trust Him with our lives, then we have been commissioned. Our relationship with Christ isn’t a “how will you help me next” Dr. Phil style friendship. It is totally opposite. Christ has literally commanded all believers to GO and DO.

If we are believers, then we have absolutely every tool needed to reach those far from Christ. 1. We have His Spirit. 2. We have His Word. 3 We have the knwoledge of what He has done for us individually. Nothing else is needed but the tools we have already acquired. At the end of the world, we will not be able to hide behind the success of our churches. Nope, it will be just me, standing in front of God, looking down at His feet because I can’t bear to look Him in the eye. And He won’t even have to remind me, of all the time that I wasted, worrying about my tool box.