I know the infamous Los doesn’t need me sending you to his blog, because if you happen to read this, then you probably check his insight long before you check mine. However, I insist that you check his greatest post ever, now!

I have wanted to say this but I have been afraid. The church has lost touch with it’s divine purpose. I have lost touch with my ultimate intention as a believer. We have tried to be cool. And in doing this we are not ourselves. We have tried to be edgy. And in doing this we have lost our foundation. We have tried to be trendy. And in doing this have swayed from ecclesiastical ideology.

Jesus and his followers were not viewed as cool. Loving them or hating them, their community knew they were real though. Jesus and his crew were real people with real problems with a real answer. They were either accepted or rejected but they did not attempt to bring people in with making their claims relevant by trying to familiarize themselves with trends. It was quite the opposite. I am not saying that the church as a whole is doing anything wrong but that it is not being as effective as possible. Let’s break bread and offer a full meal in our dirty homes. Let’s worship him by rejecting sin. Let’s relate to them by being vulnerable with our faults. Let’s allow people to see the real us. Let’s quit making pastors famous and make Jesus famous. Heck, let’s make sure that we spend more time corporately outside the four walls than we do inside them.

But, who am I?