When I peel a banana I insist on tearing down the creases.


When I remove a switch plate to paint, I am meticulous about not scratching the screw heads paint. Of course after a few times of removing the plate, this is impossible. I just changed every socket and light plate within the upstairs of our home.


I check every expiration date on anything I think about putting in my mouth. If it expires today, trash. If it expires tomorrow I will smell it and have a little taste test. I do not eat two day later leftovers!


If I am reading and come across a word that I do not know it’s definition, I must look it up.


I will not use a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. It must be 0.7mm.


When loading the dishwasher all utensils must be facing up.


I adjust the bass, treble, and fade differently on each song I listen to create the best sound quality.