I have to get this out into the open. There is someone else. I know, I know, I am married. But I have to share this. I am in love. In love with someone else. Yes, I still love my wife. But this other person challenges me. This other person pushes me. I feel incredibly loved by this person. I don’t know how this happened. It all started kind of matter of factly. One thing lead to another. Before I knew it, I felt like I was dating again. I would feel nervous at first but then I became comforted. I am able to be myself. It’s strange because I don’t feel guilty in any manner. It wasn’t hard to hide, actually it was quite easy.  I remember thinking, “how can I be loved this much?” It’s not the first time I have been involved with another. This time is different though. There is chemistry and excitement. This other person isn’t flawless. The grass on the other side didn’t look greener, so to speak. This person was there waiting. This person was willing to give. This person expected nothing in return. The coolest part about this whole entanglement of relationships is that my wife is understanding about the whole situation. Oddly enough, this was meant to be. I never realized I could love anything or anybody as much as I love my wife but I do. This person I am speaking is Gracepoint Community Church. Shame on you for thinking I was a dog. I love my church. I love how much this church loves anyone else as well. It’s hard for me not to describe Gracepoint as “my” church. I am so proud of the church as a whole. It’s not perfect but it doesn’t try to be. Gracepoint is a beautiful mess of real people.