to be cool or not to be cool. How many people play this option out for everyday activities? I do. I always try to be different than everyone else. It’s a flaw. I want to stand out. For instance:

I will not wear clothes with the name brand publicized boldly. No american eagle, ambercrombie, and definitely no hollister pimping here. I like to buy my clothes from I search for the weird stuff. Luckily my legs are too big and I can’t fit into skinny jeans. I wouldn’t have been cool in the 80’s.

I used to be a Red Sox fan. Before the championship. You know why I rooted for them? Because they sucked. Now everyone wears a Red Sox hat and I refuse to be categorized as a band wagon fan. Now it’s all about the Royals baby.

Music. If it’s on the radio, I am not a big fan. I am an independent label fan. It’s less commercialized and that’s cool with me.

Basically if everybody is doing “it”, I am doing my dandiest to make my own path. Sadly, I am beginning to realize that this mindset is becoming the cool way of thinking. I’m doomed.

Since it’s not cool to be a hardcore follower, you would think that I am Christianity’s go to guy. Nope, this is one thing that makes me uncool.