As I mentioned, I like to portray myself as cool. Deep down I’m just out of touch with society and especially pop culture. About all of the pop culture I digest comes from Time magazine. Time, is my go to toilet material because I am cool like that.


A few issues back there was an article about a county in southern California. And like every where else, this county was trying to be cool by “going green.” The commissioners had issues with getting people involved and trying new things though. (if you aren’t willing to try new things, you probably aren’t cool. unless, you are Johnny Cash) The county marketed and even created laws enforcing the green lifestyle. Neither worked. The county got smart. They revealed each homes savings of money and energy to the neighbors. When people saw that their neighbor was doing better than them, a keeping up with the Jones’ effect happened.

This story made me think. I ain’t cool because somehow I have the ability to relate and compare everything and anything to some aspect of my belief system. As a society we are so willing/wanting to be accepted. We don’t want to be the odd one out. We are looking for the next thing (you can stop looking because that is me). We are always prepared for the curve ball.  This is cool to me because we never get bored and if we do, we will just label something as cool. I truly feel society is looking for something to follow. Something to believe in. Something that will actually last.

I think I have the answer.