We are headed to a church plant. They are striving for a “come as you are” atmosphere. I met the pastor and he is extremely outgoing. I only say that because every other foreign pastor I have met seems to be more reserved and lacks confidence. His name is George in Spanish. What’s cool is he came from poverty. Poverty in CR gives you options. Either become a junkie and live in a squatter village on a mountainside or go into the sex industry. George was doing both.

(there is no military in CR and no welfare/govt support) (there is not much of any violence) Lots of robberies. Lots of drugs. The major problem is sex slavery. We are in a gated community in the “hood” of Alajuelita. This gated community has gone through several security companies. These guys open and close the gate and patrol the streets. I guess one of the companies would carry shotguns. Some have been fired for dealing drugs through the fences. Some were fired for taking money to let people in.

Women here get paid $100 to sleep with whomever. I should also say that alot of these woman are married with children. Girls are forced into this lifestyle to help support their families. The bastards paying the money aren’t locals. They’re Americans and Europeans. There was a huge cardboard cutout at the airport warning about the prosecution of pursuing your perverted desires. I’ll take a picture when we leave.

“Machismo” is a way of showing that a man is a “man.” In the US men gang bang and fight amongst other men. In CR men don’t prove their masculinity through strength. Men are “men” by womanizing. By having a wife and lots girlfriends on the side. It’s not hidden in any manner.

CR is a beautiful country until you look internally. Back home we have beautiful homes and suburbs, but hidden behind the front doors there is alot of dirt.

I can’t judge the actions of people who are in poverty here. If I was poor and had I family I can’t say I wouldn’t rob to feed them. But the sex thing sickens me. I can’t imagine relying on my wife or daughter going to “work” by fulfilling some foreigners fantasy. $40 bucks a week is minimum wage here. How tempting does $100 dollars sound just to get some fat middle age gringos rocks off for 10 minutes?

Back in the states the problems aren’t as extreme, but the solutions is the same across the board. Sure people can come to know Christ but they still have to go back home. They still have to physically survive. We can’t rely on any government. The bride of Christ is the only answer. That answer isn’t to only offer a church service. Physical needs must be met. Skills must be taught. This needs to be done worldwide including in the US.