-I have woken up before 5am every morning since we have been here. The sun is already glowing by then. You don’t need an alarm clock here.

-I have never seen someone as high as the lady I saw today. She was on God knows what. I noticed she had a water bottle and that she had hidden something in her tight shirt. As she walked closer I saw she kept this water bottle literally glued to her left nostril. It was like she couldn’t breathe without it. The “it” was paint thinner and the “something” in her shirt was another water bottle.

-Yesterday at the church plant I was fighting back tears. This was the second service and there were 48 Ticos (what Costa Ricans call themselves- since I’m white, I’m a gringo) not counting the gringos. awesome. Sadly there were only 4 adult male Ticos.

-I pulled off part of the roof of the building the church is meeting in with the local pastor today. I still can’t believe I’m alive. I guarantee if there had been another person up there, it would have caved in. In my broken Spanish I asked Jorge, “Will this roof hold el gordo gringo?”  He just shrugged his shoulders and smiled. It wasn’t re-assuring and I didn’t smile back.

-San Jose is a booming metropolis. Like I said, sexual tourism is CR’s biggest industry. We saw a famous brothel today. As we drove by a bald white guy strolled out. 30-45 year old white pervs make up the majority who frequent these establishments.

-Heard gun fire tonight, but that’s okay.  Yesterday the gated community got a new security team… again. These guys are official too. White shirts, black pants, black tie, belt full of bullets and a gun.