If you know me, you know I’m a thinker. I think about things that I assume most people do not. Not that I believe that sets me above others or that I’m above average on the smart scale. I think because I am not a genius. If I knew a bunch of answers and how to solve difficult problems, I probably wouldn’t think as much. I would just make things happen.

Why am I about to turn 30 and just now lining myself up with God’s plan? I thought about it and answered my own thoughts today. The answer is as follows- I thought too  much. These thoughts turned into questioning all my insecurities and allowed doubts to penetrate what God had already answered.

God has one purpose and one will for my life. God has one purpose and one will for YOUR life. Love the Lord your God will all your heart and all your mind. Serve Him by serving others. That’s absolutely it. Why do we over analyze this? Why do we try to add and take away from this? Every example we have in the Bible proves that we can’t control anything. These examples show that even the most taught and preached characters in the Bible didn’t know what God’s will was for their life. What these men and women did know was that putting God first created peace. This lifestyle doesn’t offer answers. This approach only gives hope. This makes one realize that the only one who actually controls anything is God. We are just along for the ride.

I am realizing that I have been thinking and asking for answers that only slow down my purpose. I was created to put God first and to do this I must put every other person first. Every other person. This can be done in middle America or it can be done in Burma.

God’s will. Think about God’s will. Don’t think about “God’s will for your life” or “God’s will belonging to someone else.” Just think about God’s will in light of the entire world and it’s entire existence. Ok have you done that? Now, try and be so clever as to attempt to even understand that. If you can do that, you need to write a book because you are about to be a millionaire.

I believe the church culture has done an injustice to its people. We have been taught to seek God’s will. God’s will is happening and has already happened. The only thing we can control is whether or not we put Him first.

So, my decision to leave the supposed “comforts” of America to serve in another country is comforting. Why? Because, for the rest of my life Iam going to attempt to not ask, “is this God’s will?” I know God’s will. God’s will is for me to put Him first. I am going to change my questions to, “Will this option allow me to continue to put Him first?” “Will this adventure take my relationship into uncharted territory with my creator?”  “Will plan A allow me to increase the Kingdom more effectively than plan B?”

Yes we are out. We are moving. When? I don’t know. Sooner than later. The next step is getting to Jacksonville to meet with the board of 6:8 ministries. In the meantime we have to set a budget. Just off the top of my head I think we can survive off of no more than $3000 a month. I’m hoping we can live off of less. If you have any questions about this aspect, ask Stephanie.

My advice…not that it’s worth anything. I just don’t want you to waste part of your life like I feel I have. Quit searching for God’s “will.” You are only going to come up with excuses!

By the way, I was inspired by a book titled, Just Do Something. Read it.