Just some explanation about what we will be doing in Costa Rica. Essentially we will become a part of 6:8 Ministries. They focus on offering affordable mission trips in Costa Rica and Guatemala. Who knows where else God will also take it. The board and its staff (supported by others) have given the ministry the ability to grow effectively. The money that teams pay ($200) to participate on a trip goes solely to what happens on the ground. The money pays for lodging, food, and aids in ministry projects. Each team gets to choose what projects best meets their talents.  For instance this week the team is offering a soccer camp and will be doing some light construction on the new church plant.

The goal is to send people back home with a fire under their butts ready to change their local communities. This is right up my alley. I love missions and I love investing in youth (although teams consist of all ages). This ministry is killing two birds with one stone. by affecting the local community and inspiring others to do the same back at home.

What will we do when there are no groups here? Well summer of 2010 is already completely booked in Costa Rica. That’s why there is talk of expanding into other countries so teams aren’t turned away. Spring and Winter breaks see many teams roll through.  During the breaks we would be able to minister on a more personal level. These times also allow opportunities to arise for future groups.

Any questions,  just ask.