IMG_3884We went along on a trip to suprise a pair of sisters at this home. I’m guessing the home is about 5000ft up the mountain. The guy in the green is Omar, he is a part of 6:8 ministries. The guy in the gray is Jorge, he is the pastor of the new church plant. A few days ago these two were walking down from the top of the mountain with a team. Jorge stopped to talk to one of the sisters. Omar says after about a 2 minute conversation, Jorge yells loudly, “At this moment this woman has accepted Christ!” IMG_3885Jorge praying for one of the sisters in their kitchen. We brought rice, beans, sugar, eggs, and fruit. They also provided a Santa Biblia. Unfortunately, they can not read. No worries though, they were also given a solar powered audio bible!

IMG_3897The road we took to get to their home. I know I needed to sale my Jeep but I couldn’t help but think about how useful it would be here.

IMG_3894However, without a Jeep payment, I should be able to save up and pay cash for a rad ride like this.