IMG_3812The barrio of Jasmine.

IMG_3823Me and the kid from about half way up, looking down. Most think about the difficulties of carrying water up this hill everyday. Look on the plus side, no one could call you lazy and you would probably have a better butt.

IMG_3830The home a team built last week. It was built in less than a week so you can imagine the bareness of it. I believe I built forts no more elaborate than this. But it’s a freaking house. $3000 dollars for this yellow house. It’s better than Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

IMG_3843The laundry mat.


The view down from the laundry mat. Some things just out weigh others. Such as stay and keep up with the Jones’ or wake up with views like this and have extremely fresh coffee every day.


Stephanie and Kyah in a home we were invited into. I still can’t get over the roughness of these homes and yet I hear tvs a radios blaring. While my girls were holding this baby I was watching U2, Eminem, and Linkin Park videos on and VCR.