The team arrived yesterday and were welcomed by a downpour. Although they were 5 bags short, their spirits remained high. After settling in, it’s still raining. The mission and schedule must still go on. Rain is a part of everyday life here so you just deal with it.

The mob headed out sporting ponchos and rain coats. Stopping at homes of strangers and friends. We would have 3 or 4 people pray for each individual asking God to reveal himself upon each home and family. Each stop held it’s own story. Some stories forced tears. Some stories offered hope. There were planned stops and there were, I believe, stops orchestrated by God.

The last few stops took place in an area called Juan Pablo. The people and families in this area are squatters. Essentially, Juan Pablo is a section of someones land and these people have formed a make-shift community. The homes were no more sound than an average dog house. Actually my dog’s house has shingles so it is probably more comfortable than these “homes.” Again, there are radios and tvs on. I figured out how this is possible. The electricity and cable/satellite is stolen.


Juan Pablo

At the end of the row, we were looking for a specific family that we wanted to pray for. Nobody was home. But the lean-to to the west had a man standing at the “door.” Dave (6:8 staff) was asked by the man if he was the guy who helped people. Dave shook his head and pointed to the sky saying Jesus helps people. Luis (man at the door) brought Dave, Omar (6:8 staff/interpreter), and I into the home. Luis has a little girl Celeste inside. Immediately I try to put myself in his shoes. Luis’ wife comes and goes and the grief was apparent on his face.

The purpose of Luis bringing us into is home was to show us his leaking roof. He said he can fix it himself but he can’t afford the materials. Dave said he would supply corrugated panels. Then Dave brought in the heavy hitter, Jorge. If I haven’t told you how big of a stud Jorge is, I apologize. Jorge of course, invites Luis to the new church plant but doesn’t leave it at that. With 25 people gathered around Jorge and Luis, the gospel begins to be presented. Without being nudged, Luis drops to his knees. Jorge follows and does the same as he continues to tell the truth. I believe Luis put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

It has been a long time since I have experienced the power of prayer like this. With my hand on Luis’ shoulder I prayed for his transformation as Jorge showed him the answers to mans depravity. The experience was one of those holy ghost-charismatic moments that those brought up in the rigorous denominations are sheltered from. I pray the Celebration (the church plant) can assist Luis on this new journey of his life.


Here is another amazing story of prayer that wasn’t as instantaneous. Teams have prayed for this individual for almost 3 years and the faithfulness of prayer has been answered.