We are beginning to talk budgets. This stuff makes me sick. Not because I fear not getting enough support, but because I hate asking for help.

I intend on being completely transparent with every penny coming in and going out. I know I question what someone is actually doing with “non profit funds.” I don’t want to allow any negative assumptions. All of our support will be filtered through 6:8’s book keeper in NY (which will allow a tax write off for the giver) and/or Gracepoint (our church and where we will send our tithe).

We are being urged to live in a gated community with the other 6:8 staff. The town we will be living in is the poorest per capita in the San Jose area. The gated community isn’t necessarily for safety, but to give us some peace. We are told if we lived outside the gates our doors would be constantly knocked on and we’d be asked for help because we are “rich” gringos.

Living in Maize, Kansas, we don’t see poverty. So, when I see someone in need here, it breaks my heart and I want to help. Reality soon sets in. We can’t build everyone a better home situation. It’s very easy to see ministries in general being taken advantage of.   6:8 focuses on bettering a community as a whole when it comes to physical needs.

Those of you who know Stephanie, know she isn’t going to sit on the sidelines while we are here. With that being said, I didn’t think we would need a car. Stephanie helped me “understand” otherwise. When teams are here I will probably be gone from home for at least 12 hours a day, for weeks at a time. I have walked from the gated community to the store and team house (where the teams are housed) just to get a feel for the community. In some areas I do feel on edge even though I’m on average, 6 inches taller and probably 50lbs heavier than the average local. So, Stephanie and Kyah can’t stay with me for 12 hours a day and a car would allow them to come and go as needed. I refuse to let them walk alone. Even though some people have thought she was a Tico because she is so dark complected.

After crunching some numbers we think $3000 a month would suffice. We have 2 couples to compare our support needs to. One is a family of 6 and the other is a couple in their 40’s with no children. I still have questions though. Do we anticipate having more children? Do we seek more to allow for emergency  situations? Do we try to continue to save/invest for retirement? In a way I believe God will handle all of this even though I will continue to question. I also believe I have a responsibility to handle my finances.

Anyways, I wish we could stay, but I am excited to get home and prepare for this adventure.