I have been doing a lot of thinking about future events that I anticipate happening in my life. I have an urgent desire to do my part, concerning Christianity. For most of my historical walk with Christ I have been focused on living right. Or awkwardly put, trying to abstain from all appearances of evil.

I have always been one of those who are drawn to doing what would be considered as “bucking the system.” Speaking from the point of view of everyday life, if I am told “you can’t do it that way” or “it’s always been done this way” and even “it’s not possible” I am ready to jump at the chance to prove these statements as false. I have failed and succeeded within all of these circumstances but I believe, the majority of the time, my intentions are good.

I definitely could have learned from history. There are so many examples of people I know and people in the Bible that I could have learned from. Or at least I could have taken their outcomes and applied them to my life. In most cases I have decided to take the chance and learn from my own mistakes. I do not recommend this method in any manner. Although, I have noticed that when I make a mistake and could only blame myself, I believe I learn the “lesson” in the most personal way.

With that being said, at this moment I feel I am ready to begin an opportunity. This opportunity is actually a dream that began about 5 years ago. It’s amazing how God does give you the desires of your heart. But within this opportunity I fear eyebrows will be raised. This opportunity isn’t the typical approach into the field I am preparing myself to go. I believe people will say, “That isn’t how missions should be done”. Maybe it would be easiest to explain this by just asking you to ask yourself this question. What comes to mind when you think of missions/missionary?

My answer to this question is unfortunately answered with another question. “Why aren’t the things that happen over [there] (on a mission trip) happening over [here]?

Within my question the dream came about that started 5 years ago. I saw something within the context of a mission trip to Mexico. I saw the lives of the people participating on the mission trip affected in a greater way than the people that were actually being served. When I list the things I would like to be involved with concerning ministry I would list them in this manner. 1. Youth ministry. 2. Missions. 3. Pastor. If am honest it would take an act of God for me to decide to be a missionary or a pastor. I believe that act of God has happened within me. My call into missions has been answered by myself without any prompting from other influences. The cool thing is I will still be able to be involved in youth ministry just at a greater distance.

My dream is to inspire others to do the same thing they would do on a mission trip back in their homeland as well.

As I continue to think about missions I continue to think about how to be effective and efficient. I am not burdened to be in a poverty stricken land. I am burdened to be in spiritually lacking land. Living in another country doesn’t scare me. You know what would scare me more than anything? If God gave me a burden to reach wealthy lost Americans. That would be tuff. Think about that! Seriously, think about God calling you to specifically reach wealthy people. Something about a rich man threading through the eye of a needle comes to mind.

I can’t believe that my dream is about to come true. The best thing is that the dream that God has given me is even better than I could have imagined. One of my favorite words is Godspeed. Now, only if I can live by its definition.