I have always been roused by Etymology. Certain words can be resplendently influential. Most of the time, we use our lexis out of milieu. From time to time we throw out big words into our lackluster tête-à-tête just to zing things up a smidgen. C’mon don’t act like you have never attempted to perk up your reverberation by wrenching out highbrow words from your diminutive lingo.

Obviously throughout history words with the same definition have been inverted with no apparent reason. We always have to be cutting edge.

I have seen this carried over into mainstream Christianity as well. With the words such as saved, preach, membership, religion and so on.

I need some help. I am trying to create or maybe even learn of, the new buzz word for “call.” Is it out there? Call as in, “God called me to [this].” If you haven’t heard of someone mixing things up with this word, would YOU please do so?

Please, I have never asked for people to comment on this blog, so I am not trying to boost some meaningless stats. Do it anonymously if you would like. Up at the top of the post simply click on the “comment” button and replace the word call with a word that better fits our culture.