So what is all this God’s call talk about? To be honest it’s mostly a word thing…and maybe a little of me wanting everything to be black and white…but most of all, I have been burdened with a desire to take myself and maybe even others into a participant role of their faith. A Canadian commented by stating that he didn’t want to sound to Christiany…and I laughed. I don’t either Dave. I know what you meant but for me, this desire has kept me from fully being those infamous feet.

Telling most people that God has called me to do this or that, seems to come across fanatically. I imagine many people would assume I heard an audible voice. If I heard an audible voice, I’m sure I’d be out there doing what I was called to instead of in here listening to my iPod and blogging.

As I have prayed, asking God to push me in the direction that He wants me to go, I have also asked Him how I can be efficient. I have been delayed. I have noticed that I have focused too much on what big name leaders are doing within the Christian community. There is so much on the market about how to grow churches. There are so many resources on how to live purposefully. There’s so much on how to be a likeable Christian. Yet there isn’t much on how to go and do, as far as living a fleshed out faith. Maybe there is but it’s the stuff that isn’t pushed in the Christian book stores because it doesn’t make publishers money.

It might be that God doesn’t want to put His most effective in the limelight. By effective I mean those that are being the light of the world. Those people who day in and day out point people to Christ. I am not talking pastors either. Unfortunately, I think too many pastors get wrapped up in the busy work of what churches cut them a check for. I’m talking about the potential you and me that could cause God to put bunk beds into the Kingdom mansions.

I believe the call to salvation/follow/life and the call to ministry/serve/give is noticed in the same manner. I can’t describe it in words. If I did it would come out as if I were in a junior college psychology class. All I know is it’s different for everyone. All I can say about how to hear this call is to do everything in your power to get as close as possible to God.

If I haven’t said it, all this call talk selfishly has been for my benefit. I truly believe the only hope I can offer anyone is the knowledge of what Christ has done and will do. And for some reason I believe God wants me to take others down this road as well. So therefore all this call talk.

I believe God has and is calling every accepter of His grace. No doubt about it. He doesn’t want your possessions. He wants your life. I promise if you do everything in your power to look for opportunities to be used, it WILL happen. Let this be a warning. It WILL happen. When I first started doing this, I was amazed. My path has been full of cars on the side of the road; people who don’t have enough money at the gas station, people who I can tell physically need help, broken down waiters etc… I won’t lie and say I have inserted myself into every opportunity but the guilt that overcomes me when I don’t, is unmistakable.

And then there is this. Something I will be pondering and eventually blog about. These are questions that I am not sure where I stand yet. For some reason God has put me in His plan (timeline of history) and chose to forgive and change me, but does He need me to follow him? Or is following Him just for my benefit? Here are some side thoughts about this. What if Noah didn’t build the ark? And even more intimidating, what if Abraham didn’t attempt to sacrifice Isaac? Nobody could answer these questions. They just offer me hope. If we do what were called to do, we will always put Him and others first. And this is the call to all believers, straight from the mouth of Christ.