If I was a pastor I would do a series called “OMNI”. This series probably would have worked better during the height of the “all that and a bag of chips” era. Omni is just a fancy word for all. And since we all think we are all that and a bag of chips, if the year was currently something B.C. we would be building our own little idols. Maybe we already are with things like twitter.com/knutsoncody, codyknutson.com, and for those of you who are on the book of faces, facebook.com/allthatandabagofchips. As I think about sin, mine in particular, it always comes down to selfishness. Said bluntly, I desire to be like God. Meaning I want to do whatever in the hell or heaven that I want to. That’s how it started with Adam and Eve, right?

Week 1: Omniscience – actually knowing everything that can be known. God knows all. We have a fascination to know all. The biggest names in the internet game attempt to provide us with knowledge instantly. I learned of MJ’s death through Twitter and I imagine it was way before CNN could/would confirm the details. Of course there is nothing wrong with knowledge but I believe we focus too much on insignificant knowledge.

Week 2: Omnipotence – having unlimited power or authority. God has all power. Why do we try to rob him of this? It’s a bleak attempt at best, yet we continue to try. Of course we try to be all powerful. Tell me you never try to control everything. I mean everything. We even try with our wannabe omniscient powers to come up with answers for why things happen. The old cliché of letting go and letting God is a lot easier said than done.

Week 3: Omnipresence – the property of being present everywhere. God is like Santa Claus, he is everywhere at all times. I ain’t gonna lie, if I could jump into a Delorian and go back to 1985 I would. We’ll maybe not 1985 but I would love to be able to travel the world. This attribute of God alone, should help us realize that we ought to quit attempting to be all knowing and all powerful.