The Johnson’s are incredible people. They are lots of fun! They have a little boy who is full of life and their son is the main reason my daughter wants to go to church. On the outside they are uniquely typical. In fact you may say that their life is problem free. But it’s always those things on the inside that creep up and catch us off guard. The Johnson’s have been caught off guard.

God, please reveal yourself to my friends. Please ensure them that you are still by their side. God I know I shouldn’t ask why…but I am going to anyways. Why? I hear people already saying “God is in control.” And I find myself saying, “really?” Please, Please strengthen the Johnson’s. From this moment on, I ask that everyday they find a new hope that they can cling to. God your going to do your thing regardless but please if nothing else take away all the worry. God show them how to have peace in the midst of the fearful unknown.

If you get a chance, remember my friends by praying or hoping for them.