I’m a salesman…I never thought I’d say those words. I sale pneumatic conveying equipment typically within the grain industry. I definitely do not have the needed education to be in the business world. So I have been playing catch up. You would be amazed at how much I use Google to find and calculate engineering formulas. I understand the theory but I have had to force myself into the language of this business. Surprisingly, this stuff correlates to anyone who attempts to move a product, idea, belief, or steaks off the back of a truck. Most people do not appreciate salesman. Believe me when I say, “I do not like salesman either.” Why are these people so notorious? I think it is because they have been given a bad name for ripping people off. They are pushy. All they care about is getting their hands in people’s pockets…right?

Salesman head up the profit center of a business. Profit centers are a body of a corporation that brings home the bacon. Salesmen are the face and voice of a company. Technically they do not cost the company money. Basically the money they make off of sales pays for their salary as opposed to a purchasing employee who spends a company’s money while the company pays his salary.

Successful companies also employee personnel within their cost centers. Yup, cost centers cost companies money. These people would be the accounts receivable/payable, human resources, research and development, engineers, secretaries, purchasing etc… A self employed individual would have to throw themselves into this group as well because their pushing pencil and pushing product. I admire the self employed entrepreneur. I have a buddy who I am jealous of. He is a partner in a BBQ sauce company. I couldn’t think of a more fun job. His “work” office is at venues, concerts, and parties…lucky. Along with all the fun of selling Heffy’s sauce, also comes the paperwork of inventory and taxes.

Investments are no different than rolling a pair of dice. Of course, you can take educated chances based off of market analysis. Regardless of the advice and speculation, a true investment is always a chance. In this economy we are presently in, the companies who are taking risks by investing in different marketing strategies are the ones keeping their heads above water. Smart investments, even if they don’t profit, are always valuable. Lessons learned can sometimes be more important than profits earned.

As I fascinate about the bride of Christ, I am always brainstorming how to make the relationship better. I think church culture has confused the roles of each believer of Christ. Too many believe that the pastors and church staff are the “salesmen”. But in actuality they are more like a CFO, only because I see God as the CEO. This is why the “stocks” are in the red. We see ourselves as the officers as we try to manage, control, and scrutinize the way a pastor leads his congregation. If only we would see ourselves as salesman of the greatest product on the market…if we would realize we are the face and voice of the church…if we understood that if our faith doesn’t sale then the market crashes…when this happens that’s when people WANT to invest into the church. But I guess since the staff are the ones getting paid, they should be the ones out making sales calls. Can you imagine a church body in which all its believers are out handing out free samples…because I have yet to see it?