One thing I fear is asking for help. I am an independent person. If I admit that I need help then it must mean that I am not man enough…I don’t know how I got this way. Within the next few months I will be completely dependent upon others help. My family will be solely relying and surviving off of other people’s generosity because we will be living as missionaries. As I am asking God to soften my heart so that it is easier for me to ask for help, I made a vow to Him and myself. I vowed that we will continue to give and even give more than we already do to others, churches, and other ministries.

I am going to start right now.

There is someone I want you to meet. His name is Josh. I have known Josh since he was a squirrely little middle schooler. I was a youth pastor when I first met Josh. Josh was that kid…if you have ever been around youth ministry you know the kid I am talking about. The kid who is completely shelled up. The kid whose braces were designed for Mr. Ed yet were mistakenly put on him. The kid with the big bushy purple hair or was it red, no it was green…who knows. Josh didn’t talk much at all at first. He had a very similar upbringing as I did. His dad wasn’t in the picture in any manner and his mom didn’t care if he went to church or not. He was the typical “bus” kid.

I don’t know how I got the privilege of picking him up and dragging him to church every week. Most of the time this meant me pulling up to his house, honking, waiting, waiting, and waiting…and he would come running out as he was pulling a shirt over his head. I think he came out one time with two different shoes on. I ain’t going to lie this opportunity effected me as much as him. There were times I wanted to drive on by his house…for some reason I knew I had to stop.

Now Josh has a desire to be a missionary…he says it’s because of me…no I don’t buy that, it’s because of God. During this period of time I exposed Josh to a band called Thousand Foot Krutch…the old school TFK. He loved that stuff (Josh, I think you still have my CD). Josh started playing the drums. And if you check out his youtube channel you can see how talented he is, especially being self taught.

I will try to condense this as best as I can. Like I said, Josh is compelled to be a missionary but in the meantime he started putting up videos of himself doing cover songs on youtube. Somehow a former member of Dizmas came across Josh’s youtube page. This band member contacted Josh and as asked if he would be interested in playing drums with him! Josh didn’t know what to do because he felt he needed to be a missionary. Long story short, this guy is taking a new band on the road throughout Europe as they play in schools and share the gospel with kids. Josh, who graduated from high school in May, has an incredible opportunity to use his gift while at the same time sharing his faith as a missionary.

This is where I want to step in. Because this is a mission thing, it requires money. Josh has to raise $4500 dollars to go. Josh told me that, “God is in control, and since He is in control He also controls money.” Well said, I should learn from that. I want to help. I am going to support him as much as I possibly can. My pockets aren’t that deep so I can’t front $4500 bucks. I don’t have a huge following on this blog but I want to take a chance and ask for your help. Can you throw him a bone? Any amount will help. (Another reason I hesitate to ask for help is because I know people will question what I am actually doing with this money.) If you would like to offer some support shoot me an email, and I will get you the specifics on how to get the money to Josh.