What do you think about Vick playing for the Eagles? Me, I could care less except when they play the Boys. It doesn’t bother me about what Vick did. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge dog lover. I just can’t believe he got raped like he did. Yeah, he broke the law and yes he served his time. I have broken the law and I know you have too. All these other fools have weapons charges, rape cases, DUI’s, and yet you don’t see federal time being served.

On the field, I was never really a big fan of Vick as a quarterback. I definitely respected him as a player, but not as a QB. I guess I am a purist when comes to football. Overall, I don’t like how the NFL is becoming a “safe” sport. Thanks, Roy Williams (thanks for TACKLING!).  I was taught that on the defensive side of the ball, you are supposed to keep outside containment and when the opportunity arises, hit hard. I mean hit with the intent of inflicting pain. On the O side QB’s should lead, stand in the pocket, and KNOW when to run the ball.

When the Philly Mob doesn’t get their winning ways, Donovan will cry and Vick will not fit into the offensive scheme as a passer. It will be the McNabb and TO  Days of Our Lives special all over again, starring Michael Vick.

Oh well…I guess I could start keeping up with the US Futbal team…except, they suck. Go Mexico.