God is teaching me that my faith is all about quality and not quantity.

I can’t quit listening to the Silversun Pickups “Panic Switch” it’s sexy.

@RickWarren can tweet deeper and more concise thoughts in 140 characters than I can in a essay I have been preparing for 3 months.

I really hope the story of this NFL season isn’t the Favre, Vick, or the low scoreboard in the new Cowboys stadium saga.

If I had to make the choice of either giving Tony Romo a wedgie or punching Jerry Jones in the mouth I don’t think I could contain myself. I would give Flozell Adams a sponge bath for the opportunity to do both.

I am going to opt out of hunting this year…to save money. Even though I know that monster buck is out there…I’m still debating selling my bow…I got it so dialed in I’m like Robin Hood…ask my mother in law.

Sometimes I think I take the Bible too literally…Sometimes I wonder why people ask hard questions based on the Bible yet don’t want to hear the hard answer based out of the Bible.