Have you been influenced by the Wal Mart domination? You can’t beat Wally World. For several reasons. 1. Every trip is like an adventure. Need proof? http://peopleofwalmart.com 2. Yellow balls bounce around with swords slashing prices. 3. You can buy mayonaise, battery acid, and a thong for the wife all in 7 minutes.

Remember the regular grocery store though? Just across the street from the everything you need under one roof store that we frequent, is a Dillons. For those of you elsewhere it’s owned by Kroger. The odds in the favor of the real grocery store are simple. 1. You don’t accidentally notice someone buying clothes for their Uncle Lou as you stroll through the frozen food section. 2. Dillons Plus Card. 3. Starbucks. 4. The awkward grocery sacker.


That’s where I want to focus. The lost art of grocery sacking. Wal Mart has caused this position to be #1 on the endangered species list. And thanks Wal Mart, those who eventually stop by the regular grocery stores now won’t take advantage of this service. Sure people will let them sack their groceries but in no way will they be allowed to carry those groceries out.

I took the grocery sacking position to the big leagues. Seriously, I could out sack anyone. Not only was I fast but the cold stuff would be with the other cold stuff and like wise with the dry goods. I would never put bananas with canned products, ever! My first job was at Winn Dixie and I was awarded a no-motion the first week I was employed. No raise but everyone knew I was the cats pajamas when it came to sacking. Old ladies loved me and they tipped well especially since I let them pinch my butt.

Therefore, I challenge you! Use your local grocery sacker. Let ’em sack but allow them to help you out. I saw the look of desperation on the kids face last night. It said, “please get me out of here…Please drag me by the Starbucks because that girl behind the counter is so hot…Let me get outside so I can look at my 92 Mustang because I armor alled the dash 3 times yesterday.”

Give ’em a chance. Say “no” to Wal Mart. Say, “I will not be brainwashed any more, I am going to use my local sacker.” I promise it will make that kids day. Believe me, they won’t think you’re cool but they will appreciate the gesture.