Offense or defense? If I am posed this question, it would depend on what sport we were talking about. Football – I would say D baby. I know the guy standing in the pocket, throwing TD passes usually gets the girl, but look how much fun Polamalu has screaming in off the line to blow up a sweep. Basketball – I would rather run the point as I imitate AI. I don’t think playing defense is allowed in the NBA…is it? Baseball – Well, church league softball is all about putting that beer gut into the swing to park homers. You say, “Beer guts aren’t allowed on my churches team.” I say, “Don’t act like your team doesn’t have a ringer who magically makes it to church during the spring.” Nobody cares about who is playing short stop in church league softball. Soccer – I’m slow so I am gonna stay in the backfield waiting to slide tackle that skinny pretty boy coming off the wing. Hockey – Although back in the day I could play up front, I would probably be better suited staying in the middle with the sole purpose of putting people into the boards.
I read this tweet from @robwegner this morning. Every local church is called 2 the frontline. The local church stands @ the gates of Hell, designed 2B dangerous, not just donors. I love that. “Designed to be dangerous.”

We don’t see ourselves in a game. A game in which the time clock has been running since the beginning of time. A game that would be better described as a war. A game in which the opponent knows their playbook better than Peyton Manning. A game where the only thing on our mind is, “Who’s mommy is bringing the half time snacks?”

In this game. The only game that matters. Are you playing offense or defense?

I love defense for several reasons. Defense plays to protect the team without seeking glory. Defense protects the home field. Defense allows the offense to be more productive.
But, does defense win games? Technically, yes it can. But if the defense is relied on to win usually the outcome is too close for comfort.

In this game that the church is in, I believe we have left it up to the defense to handle our fate. The churches defense is needed. It’s needed to protect, nurture, and rehabilitate its people. But, the defense doesn’t bring us closer to victory. Playing only defense makes us look selfishly “good.”

To win the game we need some points. Actually, I think we are behind. We need our fourth quarter, two minute team on the field. We must be proactive. Like Rob says, “We need to be dangerous.” The most dangerous thing a team can do on any field is control the clock. You cannot control the clock on defense. Amazingly, our head coach has the stopwatch in His hand. Yet we worry about playing defense. The cliché is and has been said many times, “We have already one.” Maybe that’s why we prefer to play D. If we have already won, there is no need to put more points on the board. Right?

So how do we play offense? I say we imitate our general. Jesus was the most offensive minded team player. Jesus found the fight. He didn’t wait until the fight came to Him. I guarantee he never sat in the stands holding a sign either.