It was one of those weekends. One that came and went as if you slept throughout it, yet you know sleep was lost. Saturday I got up and flew to Jacksonville. Why? To be interviewed by the board of 6:8 Ministries. Which went great. Thank God I was approved because we have been selling stuff like crazy. It’s official now! I can say we are a part of the 6:8 team. I have been waiting for this interview so that I can begin pan handling for support. I just hope comments like that don’t hinder me.

I flew back Saturday evening as well. The flight from JAX to ATL was the second worst flight I have ever been on. The worst was a flight from Chicago to Jackson, MS. I thought I was going to die. It was like a movie scene. People screaming. Stuff flying through the air. Me hitting my head on the ceiling because I didn’t have a seat belt on. A flight attendant broke her arm on her personal descent. All I know is the plane dropped and crashed onto God’s hands. I say God because I don’t know what else could have stopped us. We land and people are pissed and cussing the pilot. The funny thing was that there were several new Navy recruits on the flight and one of them says, “That’s why I didn’t join the Air Force.”
From JAX to ATL on Saturday, I knew it would be bad because the pilot announced that the flight attendants would not be offering peanuts or soft drinks due to rough air. I am just glad Stephanie wasn’t with on that flight. It was weird too because of the all male flight crew. I wonder if airlines are trying to push men into that typical female industry because of 9/11. I am sitting on the wing. Nothing like watching how flexible a plane wing is. As we are going through massive cloud after massive cloud, I kept hearing James say, “Life is a vapor that comes and goes.” This was just another one of those moments where I saw God’s sense of humor. “Ha, ha.” “I get it God.” “You got the whole world in your hands.” “Funny.”

I love to fly. I don’t fear the pilots ability. I don’t fear the weather. What I start to think about, is the guy that gets under the plane as soon as you hook up to the gate. You know the guy. The one you see sitting on a set of mobile stairs. The guy who looks as if he is either drunk or hasn’t slept in three days. As the plane bounces around, I am thinking, “Did that guy leave a hatch opened?” “Did he top off the fuel?” “Did he leave his flashlight in the engine bay?”

I made it. It’s Monday and now I am waiting to catch a flight to Guatemala on Wednesday.